550G Tote tank manufacturers

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550G Tote tank manufacturers

As manufacturers of 550G Tote tanks, we ensure our tanks are designed to meet customer’s vessel capacity, valve type and operating environment; they are committed to providing high quality fluid handling and storage solutions.

The special features of the 550G tote tanks are

  • The body of the 550G Tote tank is made of stainless steel, to make it corrosion resistant. This makes certain that the hazardous liquids are being transported safe and sound
  • Tanks of different capacities are available to suit the unique requirement of customers such as 300 and 793 Gallons.
  • The Tote Frame is DNV 2.7.1 certified, which guarantees the quality of the tanks
  • For better safety and operability, these tanks feature Forklift and Pad eyes provision, which comply with the DNV / EN standards
  • To minimize liquid and chemical handling issues, and ease the process, accessories such as Filling, Discharge and drain pipes are available with the tote tanks
  • Also, the slopped bottom design helps in easy and safe drainage of chemicals and liquids.

The durable and the most preferred stainless steel 550G tote tanks are clearly a better alternative to other storage means such as drums. Our advanced and tailor-made chemical and liquid storage solutions has made us one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of 550G Tote tanks.

550g tote tank

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