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Offshore Tank Rentals

LAVA Engineering Company LAVA Engineering company, pioneer in the manufacture and leasing of Offshore Tanks and Equipments for storage and transport of Crude oil, Hazardous Acids, chemical tanks, Fuel and other Oil & gas liquids. The Portable tanks on rental from LAVA are designed and certified for DNV2.7-1 / DNV 2.7-3 / ASME / IMDG / RID /ADR / US DOT ( CFR 49 ) / UN DOT 31 A /Y required for the Offshore Industry.

LAVA Offshore Portable Tank containers are designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions including extreme weather, corrosive saltwater and impacts that can occur during offshore transfers between offshore vessels and Platforms. LAVA Offshore tanks are designed and manufactured to satisfy the most stringent oilfield regulations and operations.

Lava Provides Offshore Tanks Rentals, that can be used to store and transport Chemicals / Solvents / Acids / H2S / Crude Oil / Brine / Diesel / A1 Jet Fuel with capacities of

  • 550G ( 2080L ) Tote tanks with DNV Offshore skids
  • 1100G (4200L ) Vertical Offshore tanks
  • 2000G ( 7570 L ) Acid tanks / Carboys
  • 5000G ( 18,925L ) Single compartment / 2 compartment Lined tanks
  • 200BBL – single and double compartment tanks

Our tanks are supplied with suitable sling & shackles and are certified by


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We supply Offshore tanks on rental basis within INDIA and also supply to European Countries like Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy and Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain.

Need to lease / rent an Offshore Tank or an Offshore Equipment, Contact LAVA ENGINEERING COMPANY.

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