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ISO Tank Container

LAVA Engineering Company designs and builds UN portable ISO tank containers with ASME VIII / ISO668 design standards for storage and transport of all edible Liquids, chemicals, Oils and Gases. LAVA ISO Tank Containers conforms to the International Maritime Organization Standards (IMO) which allows LAVA Containers to be used for imports/exports in for countries like INDIA, Middle East, AFRICA, USA, CANADA, EUROPE,US and other parts of the world through Sea, Rail and Road transport.

Some of our Approved model ISO tank containers

  • T1 ISO tank container for Wine / Juices and Light liquids
  • T3 ISO tank container for Petrol, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil (ATF), Bitumen
  • T4 ISO tank container for Edible / Non Edible Oils
  • T11 ISO tank container for Non hazardous chemicals
  • T14 ISO tank container For Hazardous Chemicals and Acids like HCL / Caustic / sulfuric acid/ Ferric Chloride) with Rubber lining / FRP lining Inner / PE lining
  • T20 ISO tank container for Bromine
  • T50 ISO tank container for LPG / Ammonia Gas / Propane
  • SWAP Tank container for cargo above 28,000 Litres to 35,000 Litres

We have the facility and experts in the design and fabrication of DV Box Container and Tank containers to serve the worldwide Food industries, Chemical Industry, Oil Drilling & exploration companies, Oil field Equipment service companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Nuclear and Defense Industries. We apply the same precision and engineering excellence throughout the whole of our extensive range of Containers with International design standards of ASME / ISO/ API /DNV.


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