UN certified ISO tank container
in Qatar, Oman, Middle East

UN certified ISO tank container in Qatar, Oman, Middle East

ISO tank containers are tank containers that are used for safe and secure transportation of Chemicals, powders and gases. They range in varying standard sizes, built from sturdy materials and conform to both domestic and international standards.

Lava Engineering supplies ISO tank container for Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Qatar, USA, Oman, Iraq, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Singapora, Middle East countries that provide large storage volume, which maximizes the payload that proves to be cost effective and time saving.

The design parameters tend to change based on the hazardous nature of the chemicals that are to be transported. Our tank containers are based on the design standards of ASME, ISO 668, DNV 2.7-1 code for Certifications like IMDG, CSC, TIR, ADR/RID, AAR 600, US DOT, TC, ISO, UIC, CFR 49.

For every hazardous chemical there is a designated T-code, which denotes the class of hazardous materials from 3 to 9. The various tanks available from Lava Engineering are: T1 ISO tanks container, T3, T4, T11, T14, T22 and T50 ISO Tank Container.And for each tank, the codes are based on the Minimum test pressure, Minimum shell thickness, Pressure-relief requirements and Bottom opening requirements.

All our ISO tank containers are certified by the UN classification agencies for safe storage and transportation of chemicals through Road, Rail and Sea transport.


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